Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Charging faults Not Charging Auto Charging and Charger not support

Now we know about how we can solve No Charging. There is the complete not for solving other charging faults which are commonly we can see. Those are Not Charging , Auto Charging and Charger not support. Specially read that notes step by step and understand about correct solving method for that all faults. When you connect the charger you can see a massage like " Not Charging". This is the faults which we are going to solve now. Firstly you can change your Charger. ( Because when your charger is damaged or it has bad out put voltage , it will be not suitable for your mobile phone PCB. therefore your phone identify that charger is like a bad one and show a message like " Not Charging". After that check your phone. If you can see that fault again you can change your phone battery.  Because when you use unsuitable battery for your mobile phone minority you can see this faults. Specially when you replace a new battery for your phone you must compare it with the old battery model. ( Ex, BP-6M , BL-5K , BL-4C...etc) Then please check the battery pin, Charging connector and if damaged that parts replaced new parts or damage parts.  If your faults is not solved then you can service ( clean and formating) your phone. Notonly that but also you can format or reset your phone. Specially , when you cleaning your phone use original tools and only clean Charging connector , Battery pin and charging Path. Then check Charging protection circuit on PCB. Charging fuse , Diode,  Sometimes this type of fault is not a hardware fault it can be a software fault. Because of that you can upgrade software or flash your phone. Specially when Nokia  1100 " Not Charging" fault comes with minoriy as a hardware fault majority as a software fault. so often it can be solved by repairing software or upgrading it. Specially these fault is come with damaging BSI ( Battery Sit Indicator) line or components which are in BSI line. Because of that check the BSI line correctly and if damage any component replace that part. Finally check the Charging IC or UEM. Firstly heat it and check again connecting charger if damage is same with previous Replace a new IC. Auto Charging When you disconnect or remove the charger , mobile phone shows charging symbol . Generally when you remove the charger , charging symbol will disappeared but this time after the removing charger symbol is not disappeared.
  • Firstly you can format or reset your phone.
  • Then you can clean your phone and check Battery pin , Charging connector and power section of your mobile phone.  After that remove your charging connector and replace a new one. At this time 80% this faul will be ok. But if it is not solved yet, Then check BSI line and all components in BSI line.  Nokia 1110 BSI line After the all above steps are done and if the faults are not solved then  finally you can flash your phone otherwise you have to replace a new Charging IC or UEM. When you connect the charger mobile phone shows a message " Charger Not Support" on the screen and pnone will be no charging. This is not a common fault but when you have seen like this fault you want to fix this fault step by step properly Firstly Change the charger (Because when charger output voltage is unstable or greater than necessary voltage) and try to after formating or reseting your phone settins. Check The charging port and battery pin if that parts are damaged try to check after replacing that parts. Specially mainly this fault is come with BT ( Battery Temperature) line. Because of that check the BT line and all components which are in BT line. (if damage any components replace a new one for that) Nokia 1110 charger not support soluiton Finally you must heat or replace a new UEM or Charging IC. Before you remove UEM or Charging IC try with flashing your phone.   This is the easy and correct method for solving charging faults in your mobile phones. But specially when you disassembling your mobile phone use a proper tools for doing it and dont try to do it without good idea how can it disassemble.

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