Thursday, March 7, 2013

High End 120W MOSFET IC Driven Amp.

Semiconductor has been fast at work designing analog products for the
high-end audiophile market. As for­tune would have it, these products
such as the LM4780 Power Amplifier Chip and the LM4702 Driver Chip are
easy to implement into high-quality designs for the audio DIYer.

recently introduced the LM4702, a high-voltage driver chip that
interfaces bipolar or MOSFET output devices. The LM4702 provides two
small signal, input stages and voltage amplifica­tion stages (VAS). All you need to do is design a suitable bias system and output stage.

to be outdone in making the job easy for us amateurs, National provides
a comprehensive design outline, guide to printed circuit board
construction, ideas for the power supply, bill of materials, and
suggested layout. In an application note dated May 2006
the company de­scribed an amplifier using high-qual­ity construction
techniques and off-the-shelf passive components. The result is an
amplifier with a vanishingly low level of distortion, 0.0006%.

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